OT in the Clinic

Sensory Integration and Occupational Therapy are delivered in my clinic setting          at Heel and Toe Children's Charity in Pelton, near Chester Le Street. To book an            appointment please contact the charity directly for OT assessment and                            treatment sessions.

     OT in the Park

These sessions take place at the local park, where fun and games build confidence and advice can be given to parents to build regular outdoor play into weekly a activity. All sessions involve gross motor and fine motor skills and can be individual or group, ideal for families and siblings. Currently this service is offered in Wharton Park, Durham. Please use the contact form for details.

     OT in the home

Working with families and carers in the home is key to establishing healthy routines and finding ways to overcome difficulties together. For a home assessment to help with sensory behaviours and other functional challenges please complete the contact form.

     OT in India

International travel has taken me to India to support children with special needs at an excellent centre in South India called The Deepti Centre. Working with children who speak another language, has helped me communicate with non verbal children and build lasting relationships and understand the diversity and similarities faced by families across the world. I also travel regularly to Asia and the Philippines. I am the chair of the charity Candle for India which supports The Deepti Centre and regularly give talks about the work of the centre.

     OT at Play

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     OT talks

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