coaching and mentorship

Its more than supervision...

I am a qualified personal development coach as well as an experienced supervisor,  I bring a coaching approach because its more positive and effective to manage people, far more carrot than stick... at the end of the day everyone wants to do a good job of work and be valued for their contribution. As a coach mentor, I bring encouragement and add "values" to build the ability thats already there.

If you are an Occupational Therapist without a professional supervisor, I can offer you coaching and mentoring to support your own professional development .

I can offer professional supervision through your employer, if you are working without support or are newly qualified.

If you are considering becoming an independent Occupational Therapist and starting on your own , I can offer you business growth support, while you get yourself established.

Coach contact

How does it work?

If you are in the North East , I can offer face to face coaching and mentoring.

If you live further away, I can coach by SKYPE. This can be done at a time that we both agree. Coaching in this way is actually very successful and I have even coached internationally in different time zones without problems.

I offer a coaching package of 8 sessions per year including an annual review.

I can also offer a one off session called OT Focus, which is a 60 minute goal setting session to get you back into the OT ZONE on your career path.

For more details, please complete the coach contact form .

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