I have been an Occupational Therapist since 1985 ( ok thats 30 years !) I have always worked and enjoyed it too, never really wanting to do anything else. I have worked across a broad sector of health and social care teams, covering children as well as adults. I started my own company in 2011, at a time when it felt right to take the skills I had learned and use them in a more flexible way. My learning and experience as a senior manager has given me the confidence to run my own company and to offer my services to others, knowing that I offer good value and integrity.

Outside of formal work I volunteer for a charity for differently abled children in South India and visit annually, you can learn about my international work at The Deepti Centre in Kerala,  India and perhaps follow me on the blog, ready for my next trip in January 2016.

I am also a trustee at Durham Christian partnership, which runs a number of services including the Foodbank, Streetlights and Learning partnership. I strongly believe in investing in my local community and support the voluntary sector's growing role in provision of services to health and social care.

You may like to connect with me and view my professional profile on Linkedin, but on this page we will share a little bit more about our companies passionate projects.


The Deepti Centre, Kerala, INdia

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